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Rubber Infused Nylon Multifunctional Leash

Color: Blue

This multifunctional rubberized nylon leash is great for walking, running, or hiking hands-free, allowing enough room for both you and your pet. Tired of trying to hold your phone, coffee cup, poop bags, and dog leash all at once while your pup tirelessly pulls you toward new adventures? With our 8 feet long no-hands dog lead you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable walks or limited movements anymore.

The adjustable rubber-infused nylon handle can be worn over the shoulder, around your waist, or wrist; it can also be used as a standard dog leash. The second handle near the swivel clip gives you more control during training, walking on a busy street, or in traffic.

  • Easy-to-grip non-slip handles
  • Stylish black swivel snap hook
  • 7 colors to choose from
  • 3/8in width x 8ft length