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Reflective Biothane Martingale Collar with Quick Release Buckle

Color: Black
Martingale Dog Collar – Ultimate Durability for Endless Moments of Fun

Our reflective martingale dog collar is built to withstand countless walks, swims, or playtime outdoor in the rain, snow, mud, or lakes, having a durable polyester webbing structure coated in a waterproof and odor-resistant finish. This durable dog collar has a strong design that will not lose its shape and flexibility even after prolonged use. We don’t compromise in terms of safety either, as the collar is designed with a high-visibility reflective strip so you can walk your dog both during night without worrying about your safety. Adjustable and lightweight, this collar is also very comfortable to wear, fitting perfectly any dog size or breed type.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

BioThane Reflective material;
Made with polyester webbing with waterproof coated;
Herm Sprenger assembly chain, made in Germany;
Waterproof and odor-resistant;
Non-sticky, smooth finish;
Easy to clean and maintain;
Adjustable design;
Quick release buckle;
Comfortable and lightweight;
Suitable for any breed type and size.

Choose Dogline dog collar for safe and fun playtime outdoor!

THE IDEAL CHOICE: If you are on the lookout for a waterproof dog collar that can withstand the energy of your dog and endless hours of playtime outdoors, in water, snow, or mud, the Dogline martingale dog collar is exactly what you need. MADE IN USA!

BUILT TO LAST: Our BioThane waterproof collar is designed with a durable polyester webbing covered in a strong waterproof coating that makes the collar extremely durable and resistant. The collar is also hard to deform and features a non-absorbent, odor-resistant surface for easy cleaning.

HIGH-VISIBILITY REFLECTIVE STRIP: Our durable dog collar comes with a reflective strip embedded in the collar that ensures high visibility during both night and day, so you and your dog can enjoy safe walking at all times.

QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE: unlike similar products on the market, this buckle martingale dog collar features a smart quick release system which makes it easy to put on and take off within seconds, with no additional stress to the dog!

HERM SPRENGER ASSEMBLY CHAIN: Our premium martingale dog collar comes equipped with the genuine Herm Sprenger assembly chain. They are custom made specifically for our martingale collars in Germany.