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Herm Sprenger - Choke Chain Collar - Short Round Links - Chrome

This chain-style dog collar can be used as both a decorative collar or a functional training collar. An ideal choice for short haired breeds. It runs well through the ring due to the short links. 

Please note that these collars are not permitted through VDH-verifications.

In longer lengths it serves as purely decorative collar. 

Available sizes:

  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 16" (40cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 18" (45cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 20" (50cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 22" (55cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 24" (60cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 26" (65cm)
  • Gauge 2.5 mm x 28" (70cm)